Friday, January 28, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Today's breakfast is a delicious one for our Baby Spoon! She gets to have some ordinary oatmeal spiced up with cinnamon and sweetened with chocolate chips. Mmmmmm, so gostoso! She's in the process of eating it all right now! If you ask me, breakfast could hardly be any tastier than this. : ) -Daddy Spoon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Longer a Teenager Anymore

Baby Spoon has turned 20 months old today! She isn't a teenager anymore, at least in terms of the months that we've been blessed to have her in our lives. Today, she is a big girl. Plus she's the most precious little gem alive. I doubt we could have dreamt for anything better.

At this stage in her life, she loves reading. Multiple books per day. She'll start her day and end it reading books! Able to count to 8, plus she understands the Portuguese that her Daddy is teaching her. A vocabulary that surpasses most 2-year olds, and she's extremely adept at communicating what she wants or needs. On top of that... she's the sweetest little toddler you'll meet. A wonderful little gem and we can't be happier about it!

Maybe sometime soon I'll accomplish posting the various videos I've recorded of her and you'll be able to see for yourself how precious she really has become! For now, all I have is this picture from us playing in the backyard the other day! -Daddy Spoon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mi Casa, Su Casa, Picasso

Today we're going to the Seattle Art Museum to view the Pablo Picasso exhibit before it goes down. This will be our Baby Spoon's first exposure to Cubism, 20th Century fine art and we're even topping things off by having dinner at a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant. Naturally, we're excited! More updates to come! -Daddy Spoon.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cooking up a Storm

Today is an exciting morning, since Baby Spoon took her first shot at baking chocolate chip cookies. Everyone is excited to eat them. The worst part of all is happening right now.

We have to wait for the cookies to cool down.

As we do that, here are some pics from today's fun adventure! We hope you enjoy them. We'll certainly enjoy the cookies for you! -Daddy Spoon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Year

Well, we have been busy this past week here at the Spoon family. To the point that we've completely forgotten to update the family blog. We apologize. To make amends, here are two quick screen shots of Punkins enjoying her breakfast! (It was oatmeal with raisins. She loved it)

See?? That is one happy face. We are going to do our best to update on a more regular basis. :D
We'll see you soon! -Daddy Spoon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gingerbread Houses!

Last night the Spoon family participated in a gingerbread house design get together. We went to cousin Cheryl's house and had a great time. There were a total of five gingerbread houses, but Mommy Spoon's gingerbread house was the only one that featured us, your adorable Spoon family! Mommy Spoon worked hard on her house, and it looks fantastic. :D

We are excited to have a gingerbread house to decorate our home for the holidays. It's one more wonderful thing that helps add to the holiday spirit! -Daddy Spoon.

(P.S. -Don't worry, no redheads were harmed in the making of the gingerbread houses)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Double the Excitement

The Spoon family could hardly contain themselves tonight! Our plans for the evening were to go see the Christmas lights at a nearby park -tonight was the one night the public can walk through the park, every other night the park is a drive-through experience only.

The fun increased this afternoon when snow began to fall. So after bundling up for our excursion, we made it to the park and had a load of fun. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! -Daddy Spoon

Look at how excited Baby Spoon is because of the snow!

After a few attempts at removing her mittens, we improvised with a clever way to keep our Baby Spoon's hands warm.

A lot of the lights were very lovely. We had a great time! Plus we'll you spare the fussy details about a tired Babykins towards the end of our trip. :D

I heard this year Santa is trying a few new catchphrases. Like, "Arrrrr!"